Allied World:
Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Allied World (AW) provides ALA members access to admitted and surplus lines coverage.
As an ALA member, you have access to coverage with special member benefits.
For more info, ask your current insurance agent to contact an AW State Coordinator.
Allied World: Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance
Allied World (AW), a financially strong carrier with a current A.M. Best rating of "A (Excellent)," offers a lawyers professional liability insurance program with many benefits available only to ALA members. Created to address the evolving insurance needs of a broad range of law firms, our admitted and surplus lines products offer competitive rates, streamlined processing, and a value-added risk management program.
Allied World LPL Assure
Member attorneys/firms that qualify for Allied World LPL Assure, an admitted program, receive a 10% Premium Reduction plus the following coverage enhancements:
  • Punitive Damages: full limit coverage (where insurable)
  • Disciplinary Proceedings: increased to $20,000 per proceeding/$100,000 aggregate
  • Lost Earnings: increased to $500 each day/$30,000 per Claim/$50,000 aggregate
  • Subpoena: increased to $10,000
Surplus Lines Program
Allied World also has a surplus lines program that is designed for law firms that are not a fit for our admitted LPL Assure proragm. The following coverage enhancements are automatically added:
  • Bi-lateral ERP with a 5 year option
  • Disciplinary Proceedings: increased to $10,000 aggregate
  • Lost Earnings: increased to $10,000 aggregate
  • Amended Consent to Settle: 75% Insured, 25% Allied World
  • Outside Directors & Officers Coverage: $500,000 for Not-For-Profit Organizations
Learn More Now
Learn more about this exclusive program. Our program is administered via a network of State Coordinators. Please ask your current insurance agent to contact an Allied World State Coordinator located in your state and inform them you are an ALA member.

General Appetite

For both our admitted and surplus lines products, Allied World will entertain firms with the following profile:

  • One to 50 attorneys
  • Gross annual revenues of $100,000 or higher
  • At least one full time attorney with five years of experience
  • All areas of practice are eligible for Patent and elgal services provided outside of the United States

Retention/Limit Options

  • Several retention options availabe, including aggregate retentions
  • Claims Expense Outside the Limits (CEOL) options available


  • Allied World LPL Assure is available nationwide, excluding Oregon
  • Our surplus lines product is available nationwide